Pressure Washers

A pressure washer or a power washer as it is also popularly called, is a high pressure water spray device which is used for multiple purposes like to remove mud, dust, loose paints and also the dirt from the buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. The hot water high pressure washer was first invented by a German family owned company named Alfred Karcher in 1950.The volume of a pressure washer is measured in gallons or litres per minute but are not variable. Whereas, the ones which are measured in pounds per square inch, Pascal, or bar can be adjusted by the unloader valve.
A pressure washer generally includes a motor which is electric, internal combustion, or hydraulic that can easily drive a high-pressure water pump , a high-pressure hose and a trigger. A pressure washer can create high pressure and velocity. However, not much water from the pipe can be drawn than the source can actually provide. But it must be noted that the water supply should be adequate enough for the machine or else water starvation might lead to the damage of the elements of the pump.
High pressure water is used in several factories and industries for cleaning and washing appliances, surface layer removals and the cutting of certain metals dust free. Selecting a right machine is very important. The machines which are powered by gas or propane provide a much better mobility than the ones powered by electric for the exterior appliances but the electric driven power washers are much valid and provide better service for the appliances inside and are less noisy than the propane washers for the exterior purposes. For domestic purposes like washing of cars, grills, plastic play sets, one should opt for a light weight and a compact machine which is flexible with a variety of nozzles and a detergent tank onboard. While for commercial purposes, like site cleaning job of constructions or removal of the graffiti, one should opt for Commercial-series engine, with a triplex pump; heavy-gauge welded steel frame and axle, a steel-braided high-pressure hose with a variety of spray tips.
These washers are dangerous tools and should be carefully utilized. The water pressure near the nozzle is extremely high and powerful  to rip out flesh from bone. The water supply eject particles from the nozzle at great velocities.